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The Amiga Format cover CD that had the TKG source code also had some sort of source to the first AB3D. I'm not sure if it was the complete game or not, but I eventually managed to assemble it into a working exe. I started making it more OS friendly and use rtgmaster.library for screen access, getting as far as having a tiny 100x100(ish) 1x1 pixel screen in the top left corner that sort of half looked like what it was supposed to ... if you squinted at ... it in the correct light. Had a good speed as well on my 060-50 A1200.

Anyway, lack of free time meant I abandoned the project at that stage but - assuming I can persuade my cranky A1200 to power up just one more time - I still have the source code and so on if anyone is interested in continuing with it ...

Not too bad for a first post eh?
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