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Network trouble

I've changed my local network setup a bit, and now my A1200 is cut off for some reason. I'm trying to connect the Amiga to the network router via Nullmodem cable. The process on the router identifies itself as following:
/usr/sbin/pppd /dev/com1 57600 crtscts silent persist noauth
On the Amiga side, I have Miami (standard version which came with OS 3.5). Since I can't post my configuration file without net access, I'll give a short breakdown of what I've chosen as options:
serial.device, unit 0
speed: 57600
protocol: async PPP
EOF: auto
IP: dynamic
handshaking: RTS/CTS
Mode: 8N1
PAP/CHAP: like dial module
ACCM: a0000 (all other options on this page not chosen)
Dial Module: Nothing
Hostname: dynamic
TCP/IP: DHCP (the rest not chosen)
Modem: Nullmodem
Socks: not active
When I try to connect, Miami says "MiamiInit is configuring PPP level LCP. Please wait..." and then after a few seconds "Couldn't configure Link-Level-Protocol".

Any idea what I'm doing wrong?
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