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I've already bought the writer but hardly ever use it - that's what I was saying m8! I was trying to use the excuse of helping you with duplication as justification for paying out £90 all those months ago!

My XBOX is a 1.1 with a Samsung drive. First thing I did before even turning it on for the first was to install a chip - one of the first with a Matrix chip.

Like you say, most forums advocate the use of DVD-R for xbox but mine will very very rarely read one but it reads any DVD+ first time, every time. When I've received stuff off friends on DVD-R for xbox I usually just FTP it over to the xbox HD (hence it's full of games!)

As for help iv asked for loads where were you
I posted this in June...

(If you need any help with anything no matter how mundane then just drop me a line ( - I've a got a quiet few weeks ahead of me (after a load of hectic ones!)

So ner!

Actually, I'm not all that active on this board but I seem to be getting into Amiga again after a bit of lull...and have re-started programming work on my Amiga pet project...details when I've something to release. What's weird is about a year ago I just couldn't track down this damn bug causing the system to hang (and giving me nothing but headaches!) Sorted it within an hour or re-visiting the code the other day!
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