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Ok....let go through this slowly...

040, this is an A4000?

Did the A4000 have a FPU? and Also did the A4000 run at 25Mhz?

Yep, I am looking for WinUAE settings/config...not actual game settings. like...what configuration is best?

040, with 16MB Fast Ram + ????? FPU? 8MB Cache Memory?

Mine runs slow. The settings I use are:

68020+FPU, 8MB Cache Memory, 8MB Z3FAST RAM AGA...

It's funny, I can't remember if the A1200 had a FPU, do you know? Gloom runs beautifully, but Alien Breed 3D...well...hmmm..

What is the best settings for these types of games?



PS: What is JIT?
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