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You have an older Xbox if it reads cd's probably a v1.0 but thats a good thing
Nearly ALL Xbox DVD drives hate DVD+ so that isnt anything new ( You will find that info on any Xbox forum ) DVD- is always recomended for Xbox.

The disc contents are being assembled on a 2.5 inch 20 GB HDD and the menu is being created on my main HDD.
Percentage complete is hard to say as a whole but to put it into perspective i now have everything going on the DVD on the small drive....The menu is nearly finished......Once im happy with the layout and have sorted the xbox side of things IE configs....ISO's and HDF's i could assemble it in less than a day. I need to be a bit clever as the PC side is 90% of the DVD and i need to point Winuaex to see the goodies so it can utilise them making Winuaex seem HUGE
Considering Winuaex is only 8meg the rest will probably be ADF's and stuff but you should be able to access all the games listed above through the workbench on the Xbox anyway........... I hope

As for help iv asked for loads where were you
I still would like some theme backgrounds for Workbench kind of tributy...xboxy...amiga-ish but to be honest i have had little response

Help has been pretty thin but i suppose its quiet times on the Amiga ........But those that have helped directly like Bloodwych ( He assembled the workbench's ).....or indirectly like Bippy ..Cody...etc These people really own the DVD and have made it very easy for me to get this far so quickly ( Basicly they let me leech and leech Greedy ) so thanks to them all is going very well. Oh and Toni Wilen of course without Toni you would all recieve a blank.

All i can say is I will burn the Master once im happy with the layout and have ironed out any niggles i may have so its SOON

God did i write all that crap.....Didnt seem that much

BTW....Of course you will get one Andy so buy your Writer

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