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BTW....Sorry Andyr missed your post !!! Who made that crappy label then
I don't know m8...

Just want to say that I don't mind helping with the distribution of the DVD (for free) - at least then I'd be able to justify to myself the money I spent on a DVD writer I've only used 4 times since May!

I do have an 80GB HD in my xbox but most of it is taken up with XBOX games so from a personal point of view, this DVD will be a great help!

I would, though, mention the fact that some XBOX's can be fussy with media. My XBOX very rarely reads any DVD- media (different brands as well) but has no problem what-so-ever with DVD+. Then again, most XBOX's hate CD-R's but mine will play them without problem. Other XBOX's love DVD- but refuse to read DVD+ (like my nephews box)

Finally, I know the disc is ready when its ready but is there any chance you could just give us a 'percentage complete' number?

Finally (again - It's alright, I'll shut up in a minute!) - Is there anything I can do to help (late stage I know but I did offer a few weeks ago as well!)
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