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Originally Posted by Bad Mr Frosty
My Xbox setup is as follows:

Latest version of WinUAEX
Kickstart 3.1
CPU 68020+FPU
CPU Speed Real
CPU Compatible NO
Cycle Exact No
Video Chipset AGA
Video Mode PAL (This caused some WHDLoads not to work when they try to force NTSC. Remove the NTSC tooltype from the slave to solve)
JIT Cache 4MB
Chipmem 2MB
Fastmem 8MB
Slowmem 0MB
Fast Copper Yes
Immediate Blits No
Collision Level Sprites and Playfield
Floppy Speed 100%
Sound Interpolation Crux
Sound Filter Emulated
Sound Quality Exact/Slower

I have set up 4 hard disks. 3 are hardfiles, 1 with workbench and 2 with my games. The third hard disk is a mounted directory which I transfer stuff i want to install directly into via FTP.

My workbench setup:

Workbench 3.1
Magic Menu
Directory Opus
WHDLoad 16.2

As said above, with this setup nearly everything works.
Thats a cool setup.....How big does that end up as ????

Just tried your config and it does appear more stable
Games that didnt work now do

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