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Originally Posted by Bad Mr Frosty
What problems have you run into with WHDLoad on the Xbox? I have installed about 100 games and so far there is only 2 that I could not get to work (Midnight Resistance and Xenon 2 IIRC)
I keep getting "Not enough memory for slave" message ????
In all honesty i have yet to spend more time on the Xbox side of things so please give me any info you can

For example ......whats your workbench setup ??? is it a dir or an HDF ??? Is it a bog standard install or using any of bloodwych's classic setups. All this info will help me greatly !!!!

StarEye !! The DVD is free....I will be posting it to many people at my own expense when the time comes so keep reading !! It would be nice if we could get a system or an agreement that if i send it to anyone they agree to send a copy to at least 3 other people on this board ( I dont mean the people who have helped and donated they have done enough ) just you other general riff raff
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