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Sarak reminded me of something - the refueling! It was a really awesome aspect of Lotus 1 (that is sadly lacking from the other 2) in that if you were behind you could try and gain valuable positions and time by not fueling and risking running out of petrol!

In 2 player mode it was brilliant because you might be winning, with one lap to go you are unsure if you will make it so you pull in for fuel, then look down and see your opponent drive past the pits then start abusing them saying things like "you'll never make it!" and secretly hoping they'll run out of gas!

Also when you are just out of the top 10 with one lap to go, sometimes you stupidly forego petrol thinking you will lose too many positions in the pits and often it will cost you the race!

Lotus 1 is definitely the best of the 3 for 2 player action - just brilliant!
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