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Originally Posted by StarEye
I'm not sure I understand the objective of the project, is this an Xbox Emu-dvd with whdload games that runs straight from the disc? Or is it a PC-project that runs straight from the DVD? If it's a dvd-disc, is it possible to just use something like Xfer to transfer the xbox iso to the HD?
Ok heres a brief history
Tribute 2 was and "IS" primaraly for the PC. However i found a way to make it duel boot do i could incorporate Winuaex. This meant that they could share the ADF's in the Amigadisks directory basicly making it usable on both machines. I then thought i could add a few ISO images to run from Xbox in cd32 mode.....I then decided to put a few workbenchs on....I now find i can run a lot of the game HDF's i have made straight from WinUAEX so i will add some of those.

Its not magic or anything.....Winuaex takes a lot of setting up to get stuff to work and the success rate of WHD from an Xbox Workbench is very low. So low in fact im only thinking of just adding some for people to mess around with as the space could be better used elsewhere.
But !!! With some Workbench's....HDFgames.....ISO's.....and a dir of ADF's added its worth the addition of WinUAEX so some of us get the best of both worlds and makes the DVD a little unique.

I will also alter the skins in WinUAEX to blend with the Tribute DVD a little like the pic below.
Please dont think the Xbox section is anything incredible. Stuff does work but its slow in most cases and although i can configure a lot of the stuff you will only get out the effort you put in to get things running sweet

These are old pics StarEye but I assume by your question you havent seen them.

The pc menu's look something like this ...

And the Xbox skins look something like this ...

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