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I think you have misinterpretated me mate.

You asked for a valid reason why the games I mentioned should be on there - and my answer is that they are truly classics if you are a Sierra fan. Sierra with Lesisure Suit Larry, Police Quest and numerous others are a very collectable company and most of the games are good.

I agree with Turrican 1 and 2 they are classics in every sense of the word. It's a shame about Turrican 3 as that truly sucked (have a quick go on it to see what I mean if you can last past 5 minutes then you are inhuman).

What I was saying is that in my opinion certain games on the DVD are not as good or as collectable as the one's I mentioned (obviously you're going to get certain people who say they are).

I didn't mean to offend you and yes I know it's a free project. I am doing something very similar in the next few weeks (months at the rate this download is going) and you are more than welcome to constructively criticise mine to the hilt - lol

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