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Originally Posted by Macca
No I meant that they should not be included.

Turrican 3 is appaling, theres quite a few games on there that should NOT be included, it depends on what you want - either quality, quantity or a general mish-mash. Also if you released 3 DVD's I'm sure people would download them!
Didnt play Turrican 3 but 1 & 2 were classics and i would get hung on this forum if i left them off.
Its a free dvd ( Im the only one who is paying out ).....I havent got the time to try thousands of games to see if there any good or what mark they got in Amiga Format. All the classics and many more. I recommend if people dont like whats on it.....Dont download it
You cant please everyone theres always gonna be a game i missed thats someones favourite !!! You say there are some that shouldnt be there...WHY !!!.
Someone else may love those games so i cant remove them just because you say they shouldnt be there. That would be contridicting yourself

I dunno.....One can only try ( Beginning to wonder why though )

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