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Originally Posted by fiath
I just played Beneath a Steel Sky from beginning to end. I always had an intention to play this game again, since I didn't complete it in the first place. What a wonderful game! And really funny in places.

I used to love these adventures, but got a bit bored with the latest Monkey Island, I don't think I even bothered to play it through. But I am now adventure-fresh so I am gonna go play some of the other classics. Maybe Sam and Max and Day of the Tenticle since I heard a lot of good about them.

Thank you Revolution! Quality game. Lure of the Temptress here I come

Actually, I think more companies like Revolution should wake up and smell the business. I am quite interested in looking at their current games now. I once thought that companies that supported their past games, make good marketing for their current ones. Now I have actually experienced this myself, I realise that these guys at Revolution are genius'

Quality game, with sensible puzzles! Not like some Infocom ones I could mention!

Hard to split DOTT & Sam & Max, both are excellent cerebal-em-ups. Its a pity Revolution probably isn't in the position to do what they did with one of the later Kings Quest game translations a few years ago, (ieffer to take over the cancelled Sam & Max PC sequel)-given their adventure gaming prowess, I'm sure they could make a successful release of it.
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