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Why do people with newer PCs feel the need to be able to browse the web on an amiga (or other very old platform)? I could understand if it was your only computer, but everybody has a PC (or a Mac) at home.
I recently tried this site on my mums Win ME /IE 5 setup, it was ferking painful, really slow and unresponsive, her machine isn't brilliant but is well above the reccommeneded setup for ME. IBrowse has it's limitations but it's bloody responsive, does the job, has no security holes. What more do I need? Before you all shout, Cascading shit streams is being done for V3, I just have to wait abit, but I'm used to that

I have 2 computers... An A4000/060 and an A1-XE G4, I know others who don't/won't have a M$ compatible machine.

oops, I lied, I have two mac's in the shed, iirc the best one is an 030/16mhz/1Mb ram beastie...
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