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The logo was my gift to the site, I'm glad you like it

Tbh I'd never heard of Twin Galaxies, and I don't know if my friend running this knows of it either. I'm looking now and it seems pretty darn good. Just glancing, I think what offers over Twin Galaxies is exactly what you say; more chance to chat as you post your scores.

At the moment the rules are that you must post a score to chat in the same thread...and there is 1 forum designated just for chatting without having to post a score. To prove the score you have to provide just a screenshot. Of course there is room there for cheating but we'll see how that goes. I think that with this easier chatting it could become a more "cosy" environment with regular's getting into fun competitions with each other.

All these rules could change depending on early feedback, so come give it your support and help us tune it to work well.

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