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Thumbs up Lemmings' very own shadow of the beast!

I loaded up classic Lemmings on the WinUAE today and started romping through the easy levels. When I reached level 22 (code: FLCMKMLGDK). The level is based on "Shadow of the Beast"... complete with the loading theme for the game! That was a nice touch by the DMA design team! Encore! Encore!

I recognised it immediately this time round but I didn't back when I had the Amiga. Either that or I didn't play this level before.

Anyone play Lemmings anymore? I have finished 27 levels before I forced myself to turn away for awhile! No doubt I will slow down once I get to the tricky levels....

For old times sake these are level names I came across so far.

1 Just Dig
2 Only floaters can survive this
3 Tailor-made for blockers
4 Now use miners and climbers
5 You need bashers this time
6 A task for blockers and bombers
7 Builders will help you here
8 Not as complicated as it looks
9 As long as you try your best
10 Smile if you love lemmings
11 Keep your hair on Mr. Lemming
12 Patience
13 We all fall down
14 Origins and Lemmings
15 Don't let your eyes deceive you
16 Don't do anything too hasty
17 Easy when you know how
18 Let's block and blow
19 Take good care of my Lemmings
20 We are now at LEMCON ONE
21 You Live and Lem
22 A Beast of a level
23 I've lost that Lemming feeling
24 Konbanwa Lemming san
25 Lemmings Lemmings everywhere
26 Nightmare on Lem street
27 Let's be careful out there

This game truely is a classic.
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