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Boy did I get out of the wrong side of the bed this morning! Just re-read that and it came across as a bit of a strong rant. Guess I just wanted to defend my position of considering OS4 because I know many don't see the point of using it over mainstream platforms.

Burseg and Inner, yeah there will be risk, but having a fairly unknown platform is also an increase in security in itself! I mean windows is never fully secure is it? Over its user lifespan it continuously has "critical" issues due to its popularity no matter how many people work on it.

Only the programmers can give us a true perspective on the security issue and how OS4 will cope. With being so compact and fueled with knowledge of the usual internet tricks and threats now in the open, perhaps they can create something fairly solid from the outset. Does it have a built in firewall? Don't know, but it won't be running ActiveX! Also another side of the coin is with loads less people attacking it, it might actually take longer to circumvent.

Blah, I'm saying no more on the security issues because, well - see Burseg's last comment! I'll end up having a PC and OS4 machine connected/networked to one broadband outlet anyway. I'm also tempted to look at MorphOS, but I'll have to go with one or the other.

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