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yep my information was not complete, here i copy past what i've found on a board searching more:
I have a font that I use in Final Writer that I want to convert in Typesmith to use in pgs. Unfortunately not all SoftWood products came with their "free" utility called "SWdownload" to convert their NimbusQ fonts to pfa fonts for Typesmith.

As you may know SoftWood is no more and the new people don't answer emails. Can anyone help me with a copy of SWdownload?

Geoffrey A. Gass ( of Foulecourt Press wrote:

There's another possibility: Make a short document in Final Writer using only the special font. Output it as PostScript to a file in RAM:. Delete all the file except the downloaded pfb or pfa font. Bring that into TypeSmith to create a matching afm file and export the pfb and afm files to the desired font directory in PageStream. After doing an update of that directory via the System Preferences/ Fonts requester, the font should be usable in PageStream.

A useful program for extracting downloaded PostScript fonts from PostScript files was Saxon Script's /GetFont/ utility. Unfortunately, it too is an orphan -- and suffers from being able to deal only with PostScript Level 1 files.

Bob Chappell ( wrote:

Thanks for this suggestion.

I've just tried it (successfully).

Print a (one letter) document as a postscript file.

Load into MEMACs

Edit the file, deleting the beginning down to but not including) the line that begins

%!1-1.0: <name of font>

deleting down after the line cleartomark

Save the file as <fontname>.pfb

Import into Typesmith

Export as AFM

Also re-export the PFB (it wouldn't display in PGS with the first PFB I edited)
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