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Hi all,

First of sorry for the apparent lack of happenings as of late. I've just changed jobs and that's playing havoc with my spare time. Also the process of creating a new website has been considerably larger than I anticipated. That will tech me for being too optomistic Anyway let me assure you things are happening and it shouldn;t be too much longer.

All right first answer. The name. I too called it GameBaseAmiga at first but wanted something catchier. I also wanted a 'mascot' for the project. I don't know about other countries, but here in Australia (at least with the people I knew) the Amiga was commonly referred to as The Amy. That's Australians being lazy and shortening everthing we can So natural progression, at least for me, was the use Amy the Squirrel as the 'mascot' and call the project GameBaseAmy. So since I'm partial to that name and that I went to the trouble of getting Eric Swartz's permission to use Amy, I am reluctant to change it. Sorry

Initially only TOSEC will be used. But CAPS is a certainty, just not straight away. I want to make sure things are running smoothly with one particular format before expanding the options. Oh and the same goes for WHDloads. I have thought about it, but have not looked at the possiblilty yet. One step at a time.

As for being an official HOL (abime) project. Well I'd love to, but thats not up to me. I would hope that after I prove to the HOL guys that I'm serious that GBA would become another abime project. After all they have been generous enough to let me host the new site on their servers.

Well I'm to get some sleep to recover from my bush trip (work) and start fresh again on GBA tomorrow
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