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Thatís why I said ďmainstreamĒ windows Burseg. I realise that windows has security issues because itís so widely used, but Iím simply outlining what this OS needs to achieve to win me over for main use. Perhaps OS4 can be more secure from the outset simply due to its design. Iím not a programmer, so I canít comment any more than that without talking out my arse.

Youíre right though, using it so early on for sensitive material surely will be a risk and no one can compete with Microsoft on many levels; that goes without saying. Doesnít mean we should ignore those who try.

UnknownK, I know that anything I say wonít change your perspective - this discussion has taken place before and people rarely change their minds. All I say is some of us like the experience of moving on to a fresh platform. Perhaps PCís and windows arenít the only OS I should ever use for the rest of my life. Iím board of using windows, not interested in Macs and willing to give another platform a try purely out of interest. If I can afford to do it, then why not?

A person only needs one car, but many own several. Logic isnít always the only factor. Humans are not always logical creatures; I can however appreciate your logical perspective.

As for keeping a PC, it follows on from what I said above. Cheap prices and its status as the standard in home computing is reason enough for me. Apart from my main PC, I only have a Classic Amiga, SNES and an old p233, so Iím hardly a collector, but I do like the idea of having a OS4 machine even if it turns out only to serve as a backup computer.

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