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I really preferred the input from someone for here because I don't like to read through the words of amiga zealots that will hype everything to no end without being objective. I think any of the EAB users can give a fair view on the whole subject. Hence why I asked here
It's actually a bit the other way round on, alot of peeps are happily playing with OS4 and not posting much, but there is a group of moaners who are having problems (usually hardware that worked with linux but doesn't with OS4, eg. CD/DVD drives which can bugger up the initial installtion), these peeps are very vocal. I've delt with a few that had the CD/DVD problem and they won't beleive me that removing their DVD drive will make it all work, or moving their CD drive to the secondary ide will cure problems until I've had to force them to do it (one bloke resisted for 3 weeks, then took his DVD drive out and came cringing back, grovelling all the way when his system 'magically' worked ). does give a biased view, unfortunately as the whingers are so loud it tends to be a bit on the negative side
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