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Originally Posted by Severin
I don't come here much anymore since the site went over to the new version as it's not IBrowse compatible anymore.
I think you said you had problems with crashes previously. I've only had minor problems using IBrowse 2.3 with EAB on A4000/060 running OS 3.9 (updated with BB2). Clicking the submit button for posts triggers a javascript requester here after a short delay. Clicking abort on the requester will submit posts. I don't think Voyager 3.2+ has this problem. EAB lacks a skin with all the Amiga browsers, though, which is mildly annoying but doesn't impair functionality as such. Try playing around with the javascript settings on IBrowse to get EAB working better or perhaps try Voyager or AWeb and see how they fare. PM me too for help if you prefer.

Originally Posted by Unknown_K
Out of curiosity how many people here use OS 3.x made after Commodore went under (thats 3.5 and above)? And how many actualy have a PPC driven Amiga thats actualy used for anything?
I use OS 3.9 on my A4000s (A4000/060/Picasso II, A4000/060/604 150Mhz PPC/Voodoo 3) and would be loathe to go back to 3.1 or older. The 604 PPC A4000 is quite slick for graphics stuff (scanning, image processing etc.) compared to my A4000/060 and Celeron 800 work laptop. Quite important for me since I do all my HOL stuff (including data entry and scanned material) on my Amigas.

Hopefully Hyperion will honour their pledge to release OS 4 for classic Amigas using PPC cards, but that will be some time away if it ever does get released. I'll probably buy an AmigaOne and OS 4 in time when the price comes down a little and the OS has seen a final release, but I don't expect it to be cutting edge given that currently it's a platform for hobbyists (and will probably remain so). I don't agree with OS 4 being tied to the AmigaOne specifically, but that's a continuation of the unfortunate legacy that is Amiga. I wouldn't mind trying MorphOS on Pegasos either, but I haven't been able to see a demo of one here in Australia yet.
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