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Hmmm, hmmm & hmmm...
So many good titles and only one vote...
As I said in the other thread, my favs are:

Great Giana Sisters
Super Hang On

Typical arcade, as you see...

Giana is a spin off of Super Mario, but still a great game, even after 15 years...
Hybris is a good seu for that year...
IK+ is a classic, no matter "eeediots" or not...
Speedball...well, is Speedball!
Super Hang On is one of the best racing conversion ever made on Amiga!

ARGH! Why a single vote???


I decided...for one of the games I play often when use Amiga...

Super Hang On!
(I simply love the adrenalin when the turbo is inserted...Don't try this in real life! )
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