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Originally Posted by Antiriad
Suggestions for this project:

a) Call it GameBaseAmiga instead.
b) Base it on CAPS Ipfs (better yet Whdload games but i doubt this is possible )
c) Be an official HOL project.

Actually, the one I've been working on before I decided to help Runey was called just that. Changing the name would be something that Runey would decide.

I believe Runey's plans were to use IPF's where possible. My only beef with that is that they are not readily available. It would be very possible to use WHDload but I don't think we'll be going in that direction.

From my understanding, Runey is almost finished re-writing his website and once that is done, again from what I've read here, it will become an official HOL project.

However, once Runey has some free time I'm sure he will update everyone on this.
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