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Originally Posted by Eny-
That depends of the edition you have, i have a large dvd collection, and whenever i got the chance i buy nice collector's editions that usually have only a thousand or so copies...
Personally, I am aware of very few "collector's editions" that are actually limited number.
  • Stargate (movie not series)
  • classic Disney animated movies
  • The Matrix (came in a big box with a film cel & other stuff)
Some others came with a cardboard sleeve over the box & that's the only difference (eg Final Fantasy). A lot of the time, it's just a marketing thing - the only DVD available is the "limited collector's edition" that is still being produced many years later.

Talking about downloading games you don't have time to play... I've bought games I haven't had time to play!
When I see a game I want at a decent price I buy it, but am often too busy to play. I have games from probably a year ago that I haven't even installed yet...

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