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Originally Posted by Unknown_K
Developers left the Amiga platform a long time ago, all thats left are people selling products they don't have to work on anymore and hobbyists.

Most if not all the hardware developers jumped ship a while ago, who makes new accellerators for anything Amiga these days?

Out of curiosity how many people here use OS 3.x made after Commodore went under (thats 3.5 and above)? And how many actualy have a PPC driven Amiga thats actualy used for anything?
Not mainstream developers of course, just the same hobbyist developers who were around when Amiga had a larger following. Just as the many BSD and Linux folks out there.
I've stopped using my Amigas completely, they just sit in a closet, but the idea of OS4 not tied to the A1, which I can boot at my leisure and mess with the the dev tools does have some appeal, if anything just to see how far I can take the new APIs. I wouldn't mind trying it out, just don't want to shell out that kinda cash necessary to give it a try.
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