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Three mind benders from LSL II that I recall being so much fun-
1) Not buying the sunscreen lotion from the Pharmacy in the first section of the game-once on the boat cruise progress is impossible without it & you have to restart the game at least until before you're supposed to leave.

2) The pixel perfect precision of obtaining a sharp knife on the island you get washed up on following your escape from the perils of the U.S.S. Lovetub- with only ONE opportunity, & the painful experience of wandering around lost in the jungle moving from one location to the other, you have to repeat this nightmare again if you progress through to the sequence of landing on NontooNyt island only to be stuck unable to free yourself from your parachute

3) An infamous bug,(& admitted by Al Lowe himself), you had to type an exact phrasing to make a wick out of the airsick bag to create a bomb & gain access to a lift shaft.

I enjoyed LSL 2 immensely, but I could've done without backtracking through parts of the game all over missing a couple of pixels!
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