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Strangest adventure game puzzles...

Inspired by the 'wierd problems' thread below; I got to thinking about those 'stumpers' from adventure games that had us lost for ages. Back then, we had to reply on mags for walkthroughs; and if you missed them; you had to order ruddy back issues!

Here are a few of mine:

Dark Seed: Of course! Leave the bobby pin UNDER the pillow in the light world, despite the fact that your other items transferred. That stank; they forced the game to make the puzzle. Great game, though.

Gobliins 2: Most of the entire game. Oh, those French Gobliins games...'crazy'. As my copy was not entirely kosher; I had no idea that the puzzles would be so off the wall, and it's only in emulation that I've come to enjoy these games.

Secret of Monkey Island: That door with about a million padlocks on it. If I remember correctly, you just had to 'open door'. Genuis! Frustrating!

KGB: After uncovering the vice scandal in the hotel, I returned to my room and kept getting killed by my double-crossing comrade. Turns out the trick was to make your tape recorder play when the word 'talk' is mentioned, and then use a dialogue that involved that word. I mean...of course...

Future Wars: This one is legend for adventurers. At some point in the 'future' section of the game, there is a very (as in almost invisible) gas cylinder you have to somehow see and collect. If you miss it and progress into the game, you cannot get any further as you don't have the gas cylinder. How I laughed when I had to restart the entire game.
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