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I am guessing that the install for R-Type is a John Girvin install? If so, he didn't use the original recommended installation scripts and he has probably made a mistake in that one. You will be pleased to know he has agreed to stop using custom ones and just use the tried and tested ones from now...

To install R-Type, I would do it by hand - either hack the script for where it is trying to copy the icon (check with SNOOPDOS that the file it is trying to copy is in the right place, maybe it exists but isn't where it should be?) by deleting that section which copies the file, or simply abandon the whole script and manually run the imager to make the disk image then copy the other files in.

Alternatively request someone to upload the installed WHDLoad version, someone here must have it (I don't have it on me atm sorry).

Don't be put off WHDLoad due to one bad install process, the majority of them are very well made.
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