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Toni Wilen
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Beta 7:

- When on the fly changing floppy type from FloppyBridge drive to normal or vice versa, disk change is now simulated automatically.
- floppyXprofile (x=drive number) config file entry can be used to change drive type on the fly using uae-configuration. Replaces floppyXtype which uses magic number parameters (it is still supported). Floppy type can be for example "35dd" or "35hd" or "floppybridge". (TODO: floppybridge:<parameters> support)
- CPU instruction prefetches are marked with "I" and data accesses with "D" in DMA debugger (for example "CPU-RWI")
- Do not allow JIT FPU option if no FPU is selected.
- If copper used last cycle of frame: following copper instruction (=very last instruction of copper before it restarts) was shown incorrectly in DMA debugger (visual bug only).
- Special empty copper cycles where copper allocates the cycle but leaves it unused are now marked with "C" in DMA debugger.
- Disk DMA write to nowhere (no drives selected) never finished. This (and reading which was fixed in b6) was working in older version, probably broke in b1.
- Disk DMA write DMA slots now have correct order (Read DMA: slots are filled from right to left, write DMA: filled from left to right).
- Floppy index sync (CIA-B flag) CIA interrupt bit was "sticky" in some situations. (b1)
- CHD CD audio sync fix. (Always use logical block access method)
- Some filter options still used non-interlace filter mode settings when interlace mode filter was active.
- D3D11 mode integer scaling artifacts fixed. (b1)
- D3D11 shader support code leaked ID3D11RenderTargetView, causing problems when shader or parameters were changed on the fly.
- Double clicking windowed mode window title bar always switched to fullscreen mode (should only switch if Shift pressed=Fullscreen or Control pressed=Fullwindow is pressed). Possibly Windows version dependant.
- DIWSTRT and DIWSTOP same vertical start and end was unreliable (James Pond 2 intro glitch)
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