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Well, I am with S4murai on this...minority that we are (which any Amiga user should be accustomed to). As a long-time Amiga user, I have been dealing with this crap from the PC world from day one. I never could understand why the masses stuck by the inferior model and to this day, I still don't understand it. A decade ago, I was scoffed at for using the Amiga instead of 'joining the pack' and becoming an 'IBM user'. A decade later, the 'masses' all swear by IE despite it being a poorer product and having to deal with the shit Microsoft put you through. But like in the early 90's, users will make excuses and adjust their computing lifestyle to whatever Microsoft tells them before they will break their chains with M$ (always stick by the most popular if you want to fit in, oh yes!)

Ironically, last night I began my IE Shit List of reasons why it is inferior to Netscape. I doubt it will ever get posted on this forum since people get so emotionally offended by hearing what I have to say. And on the same plane as PC users used to get when I'd go on BBS's and layout the advantages of the Amiga over the 486. It blew my mind back then that anyone could defend a 486 (the top of the line PC model at the time) over the top of the line A3000 (back then). And I am not even using a current version of Netscape, yet it still kicks IE's dick in the dirt.

And I use both browsers every single day (except my two days off each week), which I daresay none of the 86.2% IE users on here can claim.

Yes, the mod jukebox will have to go away, but this is typical of what to expect when you deal with supporting the M$ global model. It's one of the reasons I don't use IE, because by them dominating the browser market, they have the right to do this. M$ have chosen to be irresponsible with power so many times that I wouldn't use IE even if it did perform better than its competition. One cannot leave ethics out of the equation. If you do, you get exactly what is happening now. Abuse of power.

Apologies for getting on my high horse here, but at least I didn't post my IE Shit List...
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