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I don't know why on my A1200 the NewIcons RTG options is
selectable but I can show you my system set-up:

I've High Level New-Icons library, Fblit running (it is just
the SetPatch in S/StartUp-Sequence) and FBlitGui deleted.

Other installed and working software: DefIcons, MagicWB2,
CacheCDFS-IDEFix 95, TBClock, ToolsDeamon, MCX.

I've enough free CHIP RAM (about 1,8 MB) using a special
version of DBLPAL Screen (720x512) with 32 colors.
The system works (and very good) by a Blizzard 1230-IV with
16MB Fast (No FPU and No MAPROM enabled).

At the moment I'm writing here with it by IBrowse 2.2

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