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From the thesaurus:

Entry: collection
Function: noun
Definition: accumulation
Synonyms: accumulating, acquiring, acquisition, agglomeration, amassing, amassment, anthology, assemblage, assembling, assembly, assortment, batch, bringing together, caboodle, clump, cluster, collation, combination, company, compilation, congeries, congregation, convocation, crowd, cumulation, digest, gathering, group, heap, hoard, kit, levy, lot, mass, medley, mess, miscellany, mobilization, muster, number, obtaining, omnibus, pile, quantity, securing, selection, set, stack, stock, stockpile, stook, store
Concept: group entity

In other words, it's correct to say that you had a collection of 600+ amiga disks.

What annoys me here is that some people in this thread think they have the right to say that something that others obviously find satisfaction in doing is completely worthless, simply because they don't see the point.

Edit: I guess the reason that I find this so annoying is that I am quite proud of my collection of games - real, boxed games. Yet, when I have friends over, some of them think it's a waste of time and completely worthless. They don't understand why I value these things (especially because they're all available in cracked form online anyway, so I'm wasting both time and money collecting them). They react just like most people here seem to react to sut's first post.

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