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Originally Posted by StarEye
A collection of games on a cd/dvd is worth just as much as snot on a jar (except in one of the cases it would be considered art and would therefore have a higher value).

I think of it as, it's not the actual GAME that's any value, but the physical evidence of it's existance (sort of). I have a small mountain of amiga games, but if I wanted to, I could have all these on a single dvd, and even more. But it wouldn't be worth shit. It's like people bragging about their number of playstation games, when 99% of them are pirated copies. If people as me how many games I have, I NEVER EVER count the pirated ones. That would just be stupid.

You CAN have a collection of roms/warez, but that's what it is. It's a ROM-collection and a warez-collectin. It will take something special to actually be able to brag about it and impress anybody, because that would be like cutting the grass in the backyard, put them in a box and then try to impress people by showing how much grass you have (and I mean the ordinary kind). It's something that doesn't take an effort to get hold of, AND it's not even remotely rare.

I respect people who wants to collect millions of worthless warez/roms/gamez just as much as I respect any other man on the street. However, the only people you'd impress by a collection like that would be pre-puberty teenagers who looks up to you because you roXXor.
It is all reletive to who you are talking too. For example if I were to make a post on a board dedicated to ROM collecting stating I have a collection of roms the size of a small country I`m sure people would be impressed. It`s all a case of what things are worth to you, not to people in general. I`m sure joe sixpack would not care a jot if I had a collection of 500 original Amiga games but to me they are priceless.
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