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Collections of real boxed items are ofcourse more satisfying than 'roms' and since far more time seems to be spent on actually collecting then playing the games it makes alot more sense. Having got hold of a few more orginals myself , it is exciting to have the original box and artwork, especially if it only costs you a few quid instead of the £30+ it may of cost back in the day.

However I think there is something in the male gene that encourages this kind of anal collectivism; creating a dire need to complete a collection. At least one thing can be said for video game collecting - that it is fully intereactive and allows the user to interact in history, witnessing the improvement of technology and design. This contrasts against other classic forms of collecting such as stamps or rare vinyl which haven't progressed very much over the decades and risk worthlessness or destruction if you should ever actually "use" them.
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