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Originally Posted by Jim
Does this mean that George's Complete Amiga TOSEC collection is worth more than Bungle's, because George downloaded his on a 56k modem over several months and with many many hangup headaches and Bungle downloaded it in a day because he has a super-fat connection ?
No. It's the same thing. When I started I downloaded neogeo roms, the huge ones, as they got released (0-day shit if you like to call it so) off my 28.8 modem. It still had or has no value whatsoever, even more, I was more stupid, wasting precious telephone time in that worthless shit. I think it would have been cheaper to buy an used neogeo cartridge off ebay than doing that crap, and most importantly, much more rewarding, which is what makes "collecting" IMO.

It's got NO value at all. Can anybody tell me what's so valuable about amassing ROM and disk images? form a personal point of view.
If on the other hand someone does all the above yet keeps the files on their own FTP for others to download then they are not a leach. They are a contributor - of course the ratio of leaches to contributors is something like 1000:1 when it comes to issues like this. People could also be doing other things with the files, surely nobody would begrudge the HOL team leaching every TOSEC disk there is? Or the WinUAE testers?
They wouldn't be leeching. You know the difference. Leechers have been described already: people that amass shit and do nothing productive with them, in most cases, not even play them. This is not teh case with FTP hosts, HOL team, etc!
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