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Originally Posted by Akira
IThe value could come from the actual monetary value of the items in the collection, or from the effort taken to collect such items
Does this mean that George's Complete Amiga TOSEC collection is worth more than Bungle's, because George downloaded his on a 56k modem over several months and with many many hangup headaches and Bungle downloaded it in a day because he has a super-fat connection ?

Zippy on the other hand got given a few DVD-R's from George so his collection is worth practically nothing ?

I think value needs seperating into 2 types of values. The sentimental/usefulees value to the owner, and the price somebody is willing to pay for it.

With my Zippo Lighter for example, it's worth probably $2 on ebay. But to me it is priceless, I've had the lighter for ages and it was a gift that I've taken care of.

With the TOSEC Collections, they're worth a few dollars on ebay if you can find a ignoranus to buy them and get it sold before ebay cops find out. But who can judge what somebody else's collection of downloads is worth to them?

And as for Leaching, let's go back to the original term.....

A leach is something that just sucks your blood. It don't then go off and pump your blood into someone else (maybe a guy who needs blood), it sucks blood from everything purely for it's own greedy means.

If someone on here blags a few FTP accounts and goes on a download mission and manages to accrue the entire TOSEC collection (just because he can) and the proceeds to keep it sitting on his harddisk playing a few games, or burning it onto CDR/DVD and sitting it on top of a shelf to gather dust then yeah, you could say he has leached.

If on the other hand someone does all the above yet keeps the files on their own FTP for others to download then they are not a leach. They are a contributor - of course the ratio of leaches to contributors is something like 1000:1 when it comes to issues like this. People could also be doing other things with the files, surely nobody would begrudge the HOL team leaching every TOSEC disk there is? Or the WinUAE testers?

As I have heard certain people who run FTP's say, if someone is posting plenty of useful/entertaining posts on here or doing useful things for the Amiga "Community" then that person can leach their files all they want. They are contributing in other ways.
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