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I don't have a problem with downloading crap either, as I said, I did it myself a lotof years ago. But I never considered it as "collecting" anything. I wasn't saying "leeching" is lame and "collecting" is leet, I said leeching is a waste of time if you are not doing anything with what you leech.
Originally Posted by Eny-
Maybe is just me, but i classify a "leecher" as someone who downloads everything just to have it all, not to make use of it....
Read the original post. What does he say? He's not playing shit. You agreed that you are not playing anything either.

Your reasoning for not buying Amiga games is flawed at best Eny-. I use the original disks ONCE to install them to my HD and play them forever. And I have a perfect copy of the original, with no glitches, with all the manuals, boxes, everything.

Maybe the thing here is that a collector sees some sort of VALUE in what he collects, be it a collection of beer caps or a collection of sportscars. The value could come from the actual monetary value of the items in the collection, or from the effort taken to collect such items, or other source of value to the collector. I see absolutely no value in amassing disk/rom images off the net. You can google for it. You can have some "leet" links. you can IRC. You can get access to one of the EABers FTPs. Just ask and you get it. It's that easy. No value. At least to me.
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