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Originally Posted by Unknown_K
I just have a problem with the people who justify their pirating because the games they can buy might break sometime down the road, and their money is hard earned etc. Excuses, excuses to make it sound more noble. If you do it, do it and shut up, don't try to make it sound legal and justified because it is not. Still it's not a crime I would hang you for, If it was up to me any game not for sale for more then 5 years in any form (retail or online) should be free for copying (not reselling).
But... excuses for what? i'm not excusing for nothing, i was just stating a fact... The same goes for VHS ~ DVD. I would in a heart beat favor a fuzzy quality VCD from the net, that buying the same movie on VHS.
If today i can have all my amiga games in a CD, why would i have them on floppys?
If you take this as an excuse, probably i didn't express myself the way i would liked...
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