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I don't have a problem with d/l games, like I said I do it too its called pirating. If you actualy play the game more then 15 minutes (very few leechers ever do) then you should purchase it at some point. The only difference with old games like you find on the Amiga is that buying a game these days just supports the few companies reselling games or the original purchaser, the game companies and authors don't make anything unless the re-release it and you buy the new version (not going to happen often).

I just have a problem with the people who justify their pirating because the games they can buy might break sometime down the road, and their money is hard earned etc. Excuses, excuses to make it sound more noble. If you do it, do it and shut up, don't try to make it sound legal and justified because it is not. Still it's not a crime I would hang you for, If it was up to me any game not for sale for more then 5 years in any form (retail or online) should be free for copying (not reselling).

As far as collecting goes, amassing anything related to a topic is collecting wether it is real or in digital binary form. I dont see a difference between somebody d/l the complete tosec from a newsgroup or just buying 1000 boxed games from a store, they are both collectors (unless they get them for resale).
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