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That depends really...

I consider my AMiGA Games in IPF's and ADF's as much a "collection" as i do with my DVD "collection". Ok one can say that we can make a DVD-R "collection", the term "collection" here refers to a bunch of movies, rather than collection of "collectible items" like my dvd's are...
So i totally agree with you when you say that owning the "actual" stuff is Collecting.

But realizing that AMiGA games exists in a obsolete material of which is prone to broke, i don't want to collect the actual stuff, because i would end up having material that i can't use, just for "displaying", and i don't waste my hard earning money on something that doesn't work... Heck, i used to own roughly 60/80 original AMiGA games, but all this time that they were storaged all that remains are 2 that i can actually use...
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