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I bought number 6 now from cloanto with the Pluspack i needed KICK 2 + WB 2.1,
i programmed under Kick 2 assembler and wanted to start where i left of and then move to 3.X only i found out that you get disk 1 of the 5 so you cannot install a hardfile.

When i found this out i was really getting mad i have looked round the internet and i saw Cloanto is very agressive in putting sites down who host kick and WB disks.

The point i am making is here things are not right follow my logic.

If someone puts Kick 2.04 with the 5 disks onto a site the strange thing is that they summon you(cloanto) to get rit off the 5 disks not only the Workbench disk they include with the 'Forever stuff' but the remaining 4 disks as well.

In short words they sell a crippled produkt and they put not an explecit warning
You only get disk 1 of 5 so you cannot create and install an Hardfile. Who wants 2.0
for games 1.3 is for most games enough.

So in a way they are misleading honest buyers and i mean he who buys the pluspack.

I have contacted Cloanto about this isue and will post their reaction here.

My advice for all people who also bought the Pluspack ask for the missing disks you have paid for them otherwise they wouldnt ask people to get those remaining disks of their websites.
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