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So, I'm back!

I finally bought me self an meega again! It was 12 years since, when I bought my fifth meega and it was a A2000b (or c, anyway it had ecs). So this would be my sixth starting with my first back in '86 with my A1000. It's an ordinary 500 probably very early version, I haven't got time to check motherboard revision, but it only has a sugarbit-sized C= logo above the drive-led. It's badly yellowed and frankly looks like shajt, but other than that, it works like a charm.

The dude I bought it from said the floppy drive probably needed a thorough cleaning since it had problem reading some floppy's. It turned out that half of the floppy's I got with the deal was HD floppy's which of course was unreadable by the meega. The floppy-drive actually turned out to be working 100 per cent, luckily. I only paid, roughly 14 Euro for it. Which would be considered quite cheap over here.

I will most likely turn up here again to ask about A600/1200 HD related questions, which no doubt Thomas would have to answer. Looking forward to yet again involve me self to meega-related discussions.

Later, Vresi.
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