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SFS tools

In a bid to add full SFS compatibility to the ClassicWB, I've been looking into ways to check, optimise, format and change options. I'm going to add these functions to the popup menu.

However, I'm a little confused about the defrag abilities. The current SFS package comes with CLI tools. One of these tools is called "sfsdefrag", but in the readme it also mentions "SFSdefragmentGUI". The documentation states that the former is a program for an immediate and full defrag, while the latter is for a "onthefly" kind of optimizing built into SFS. Problem is, there is no "SFSdefragmentGUI" program included.

Furthermore, I can easily add these CLI commands to the popup menu but are there any SFS GUI's available rather than having to resort to CLI scripts. SFSsalvage is one already present in the standard package, but I'd like something that can change SFS options etc. I've found a few on Aminet and they seem rather basic. Any suggestions?

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