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While I love the fact that xport has brought loads of emulators over to the Xbox (he deserves honouring for bringing Amstrad CPC gaming to xbox!!!) I do think that he seems to concentrate too much on his front end. They are chock full of absolutely useless menus and options with a layout that leaves a lot to be desired.

You have to navigate quite a few of these before you can start emulating whereas in something like Uae-x the menu was simple to use and most notably fast. It didn't give many options for emulation but if development had continued then it could still have evolved into an emulator with loads of emulation options while keeping the simple and fast menu layout.

I still prefer to use UAE-X 0.81 and xSnes9x 1.42 (WIP 4) on xbox because in only a couple of button presses I'm emulating and not navigating a load of menus - who cares how many sprites are on screen with the menu and where they are positioned!?
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