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Originally Posted by [idoru]
Or you have a dodgy serial number installed From what I remember reading, CDRWin won't tell you if you have a blacklisted serial number, but it will write/read garbage data instead. Of course, this could be total bullshit or it might not be...
Its a real serial number as i found it in the Crack directory
( WHOOPS !!! )

GARY !!!! The master himself !!!! ( love your cd's mate )
That would explain a lot which means i can include some IS0's anyway.
But im really Gutted i cant include Prey as its so rare and the Emu Emulates the the game perfectly.
But perhaps i can do something with the info you Guys have given me.

BTW....Is the cd32-350 one you made??? Or modded by someone else ??? Because when loading the little mouse icon sill says 200 ???

Thank you all for the feedback at least you have sorted the main problem and i can include some at least

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