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Originally Posted by redblade
As for lousy management. They should have engineers / scientists at the top not useless fucking commerce people!!!
Absolutely not. That would be disatrous. They should have managers who understand the job they are doing; technical people with people skills. Management is a skill. It's incredible how many people don't understand this. Being a good manager requires talent for management.

The problem at Psygnosis, and probably a fair bit of the game industry at the time was that there needed to be more managers as teams expanded, but there was nobody to fill the roles. Managers of the time came mostly from two places. One was from other industries (such as the video industry), where people knew quite literally nothing about the game industry but arrogantly seemed to think that they knew everything. The other was by taking existing veteran programmers and promoting them. Unfortunately, they were geeks who had no people or management skills, and they were stopped from doing the thing that they were best at: programming. Thus they were wasted and destructive.
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