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AmiGer. I'm busy trying to AGA fix some of the source on the AmigaFormat coverdisks, so when that is done it will be submitted. I also managed to find on the inet, a LSD tutorial to coding shoot em ups. that is AGa compatible and will be uploaded once i get a monitor for my amiga 1200.

From within: At least you got to run off with lots of Disks =]. But bummer about getting your own music stuff stolen.

I know a guy who lives in PA USA, and he got lots of stuff from the Amiga USA when they were closing down. Even some rare unreleased stuff but he binned most of it, and now he was quite pissed of at it.

Apparently they (commodore usa) had developed some kinda format, that allowed 28 frames on a 7.14mhz amiga, I don't know what the quality was like tho, but I'll ask him.

As for lousy management. They should have engineers / scientists at the top not useless fucking commerce people!!!
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