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Originally Posted by th4t1guy
So you're trying to run a cd32 game on an Xbox, or an actual cd32? If it's a cd32, you can not use cd-rw. If you just want a cd32 disc to test, you can download one of the free images that's hosted on Back to the Roots, since those all work.
Ok this has gotten confusing

Im using WinuaeX on xbox....As you know you can run it in CD32 mode and run real CD32 games on it.
There is also a facility to run a CD IMAGE: in CD32 mode which can be an ISO or a Bin&Cue. This is what i cant seem to get to work ( though many people have).

When i release the Tribute II DVD ( That boots in a PC or an Xbox ) i want to include some images so people can boot it in Xbox and run the images right away. ( Without the need of CD32 cd's )

Hope that makes it clearer
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