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- just use one tool to do everything, don't mix hdtoolbox and hdinsttools.
- hdtoolbox devicename.device - you don't need to specify device= if you start it from the command line
- device names are case sensitive!
- sysinfo is a good tool for displaying all devices that are in memory
- since you have hdinsttools, use that. hdtoolbox before 3.9 is not good with big drives
- some versions of hdtoolbox also have an "overlapping partitions problem" which will lead to data loss if you don't catch it when you partition the drive.
- the drive was most likely "unknown" because you hadn't detected it yet in hdtb and no rdb was installed?
- _always_ quick format hard drives on an Amiga.

That's about all I can think of.. You seem to have the disk ready now, so I'm a bit late.. Hope some future soul can use these guidelines.
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